What to Consider When Hiring a Voiceover Coach?

What to consider when hiring a voiceover coach

So you’ve decided to plunge into the world of voiceover. You have also got your essential voiceover gears. Now you are looking for a voiceover coach.

Aside from doing your research, here are

3 Key Things to Consider When Hiring a Voiceover Coach:


1. Are they Reputable?

Get references or ask around (i.e. contact reputable local talent agencies, voiceover FB groups such as VANYC / Canadian Voiceovers / TheVoiceOver
Community/ The PGM VO List);
Listen to their sample work. So check out their websites. Listen to their demos and previous client works they have done. 

2. Coach with Different People 

Don’t just coach with one coach.
The reason?
Each coach has their own style, personality and brings a different perspective to helping you get better at your craft.
For me often when I have confirmed the coach’s credibility, I sign up for either a workshop or a private session to experience and get a sense of their style of coaching to see if it is a good fit for me.
At the end day, you’ll learn something from each coach. Some you may choose to return to and some not. The most important thing is take what resonated with you during the session and add it to your own VO Toolbox.
Tip: Ensure you choose to get coached from a respectable casting director. They have the ear of clients who books you. Get on their radar.

3. Avoid Coaches Who Are Trying to Sell You a Combo Deal (coaching package + demo)

Often times, you’ll see workshops like take a weekend course and at the end we’ll produce your demo! Red Flag!
Unless you were gifted with voiceover skills from the time you were born, you’ll most likely not be ready.
A general rule of thumb is to separate coaching you get from the company that produces your demo.
A good coach might not have the skills to record the best demo. However, this is not to say there aren’t any good coaches that can produce a fantastic demo. There certainly are, and the key is to identify which coach can help you produce a demo (which has already been discussed above). So to summarize.
  • Do your research
  • Listen to previous demos they’ve produced
  • Ask around
Generally, these coaches will be well-respected in the industry. They will be able to easily share with you testimonials and previous work they have produced. Remember, a trusted coach will be looking out for your best interest. They will be honest. A good coach will tell you when you are ready to make a demo. They will refer you out if there is something that is within their expertise and often encourage you to get coached by others as well.

Coaches I’ve worked with:

  • Becky Shrimpton (Commercial Focused)
  • Various @ KH Casting (Various Commercial / Animation / Video Games)
  • Alyson Steel (Commercial Focused)
  • Kelly McGee (Commercial Focused)
  • Roger Becker (Commercial Focused – a casting director) 
  • Deborah Sperling (Commercial Focused – specializes in finding your authenticity)
  • Elley-Ray Hennessy (Commercial/ Animation / Character and everything in between – She awakens the parts of you that are dormant)
  • Zach Anderson (Commercial Focused – a casting director)
  • J. Michael Collins (Commercial Focused)
  • Fannie Brett-Rabault (Dubbing)


All of these fabulous people have helped me with different things at different stages of my voiceover journey. They are all very different, so it really depends on what you are looking to achieve, what you are needing, where you are at, what’s your budget, etc.. But I highly recommend them all to anyone who is serious about voiceover.


If you want further information on my experiences working with them, feel free to connect with me. You can find me on IG @thehovoiceover



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