Find Your Voice & What Makes You Feel Alive

What Makes You Feel Alive

Hello, and welcome. I’m so excited you are here and you are joining me on the first episode of TheHOVO – Find Your Voice and What Makes You Feel Alive.

Since this is the first episode, I want to take some time with you to share my story. The reason why I’m inspired to create this show. What this show is about. How it will serve you, and a little about me.

So I’m Theresa Ho, a voiceover artist. Also known as, There’s the Ho. Or There’s a HOOOOOO!  🙂  Yes that’s me. If you breakdown the letter of my name, it spells out There’s A Ho, so I’m ‘The Ho‘. Aside from being a Ho… I’m also an Asian Canadian travel junkie, spiritual seeker, spa-lover, pop-music fanatic, a lifetime learner, and a believer in the importance of creating an extraordinary life that fuels you and not settling for one that sucks the life out of you. I love simplicity and breaking things down and keeping things simple – focusing on the next step when starting anything new.

Being a voiceover artist and loving all thing that’s related to personal growth- this is a place for those who are interested in exploring and pursuing a career in voiceover. I’ll provide a blend of practical advice and tips to nurtures your mindset as well as tangible actions you can take with your voiceover journey. Think of it as a voiceover journal. Everything I share will be based on things I have learned and experienced.

Here, I will not be putting the cart before the horse. It’s based on where I’m at and keeping it real.

My philosophy is: we all have something of value we can share and teach each other. Regardless if we are fresh in the industry, or 20+ years into the industry. Wherever you are at, there’s always more to be learned. And whatever you have learned and experienced, you can help others who are right behind you in their journey.   

The important thing is: Absorb What is Useful. Discard What is Not. And Add What is Uniquely Yours. –  Bruce Lee This is one of my favorite quotes and I apply it religiously in my life.

So… let’s get back to you. You’re here because you are curious about voiceover…  Let’s rewind a little bit and let me ask you?why are you interested in voice over?

Is it because people tell you that you have a great voice. And you think so too!

You can do impersonations and accents. It’s looks easy and fun.

All valid reasons. 

For me, my ‘why’ started off as.. I thought it would be so cool and fun to animate a character and wanted to give it a try. I signed up for an animation workshop. When I got there, I picked up a script and I was suppose to be an evil witch but For the life of me I could not make myself sound evil at all.  And I quick realize I have to put my dream of being a voice for Pixar aside. It is not as easy as it looks, and I have a lot to learn

However, I still really enjoyed the experience.  And in talking to others who were also there, I learned that voiceover is more than just animation! It’s any form of project that requires a spoken word. This includes commercials, narration, announcing, telephony, eLearning, audiobooks, video games, the list goes on…

This made me realize there are other genres I can explore that may be more up my alley.

So something to think about … What type of voiceover do you want to do?

For me, commercials and eLearnings are my jam. So in keeping up with the good ol’ philosophy of doing the things that make you feel good, I bought myself a microphone, hired a coach and came to love every minute behind a microphone bringing other people’s messages to life.

Little did I know, my ‘why’ for voiceover which started as a curiosity shifted to something more substantial that helped transformed my life.

You see growing up I was taught that good girls don´t speak up. Showing your emotions is weak. Children should be seen and not heard.  So it’s no wonder throughout  my formative years I felt like my voice or opinions were not worth listening to..

Couple this with, feeling the need to mold myself in my 20s- to fit into the societal blueprint and be grateful for a job that kept my basics needs met, I became depressed.

A little bit of me died inside every time I talked myself out of trying something new, speaking my mind, following what makes me feel good.

It took me years to accept that I’m an explorer by nature, and to give myself the permission to embrace my curiosity, my freedom lovin’ nature and try new things.  Now I best gift you can give yourself. As you explore, you learn more about yourself. You discover what is it you like, what is it you don’t like. And you are better able to set yourself up for a life that’s connected to a purpose that fulfills you and build a life that complements your values which brings more happiness.  

For me I explored a bunch of thing from coaching, blogging, being an intercultural trainer, a bodytalk practitioner, learning how to design websites, travel writing, teaching English online, and then voiceover….

Unlike many other things I’ve tried, I’ve consistently felt alive when I’m behind a microphone. Even when the newness and fun wore off and I hit a slump or encounter a challenge, I am still loving the work.

The reason? Being behind a microphone has woken my inner being. For someone who has suppress their voice in the fear of rocking the boat for most of their lives, voiceover has given me the chance to find my voice. In bringing other people’s messages to life it has helped me develop more self –awareness and courage to speak my mind.

You see, I came to discover voice over is not just about reading well.  It’s being able to convey in the intended voice confidently in a script and bringing 

your authenticity that connects you with your audience.

This was difficult for me – bringing my own authenticity to the reads rather than ‘acting’.  

It taught me to go within, listen to, feel, find and finally use my own voice. The more I learn how to use my authenticity to read a script, the louder my inner thoughts became, and the more connected I then became to express my own thoughts out loud to the world, to speak up about what I believe in (even though I feel afraid and it’s uncomfortable for me).  But I do it. I do it in exchange for a very much needed peace of mind.

So now you can see how my why has become more than just fun.. it’s helped me tune into my inner voice and tap into who I am , and given me the privilege to turn on my humanness to connect and bring my client’s stories and works of art to life. 

So I encourage you to explore, invest in yourself, and take a step. Whether it be voiceover or something else, you will discover something about yourself – steering you towards doing something that feels fulfilling and who knows start to supplement your existing income. Better yet, it may even enable you to quit your 9 to 5.

I truly believe with patience and willingness, you can find something you love doing that works for you to create your happy free lifestyle. One that brings you joy, freedom and an income that enables you to live the lifestyle you want.

So there you have it, a little story about my journey.

Before we wrap up this episode, I have one last question 

What kind of voiceover career do you want?

If you are thinking to make a quick buck, this is not the right place for you.

Sure, you can get a cheap microphone and do a bunch of low-paying voiceover gigs, but in my opinion it is not sustainable. You’ll find yourself working way too many hours for ungrateful clients and in the end burn yourself out trying to make ends meet. 

However, if are looking to create a successful voiceover business, where you book regular, rewarding work with appreciative clients you are in the right place.

So before I sign off on this introductory episode, I invite you to think about your why. Why do you want to be a voiceover artist? Next, what type of voiceover would you be interested in exploring? and Decide the type of voiceover artist you are going to be, what you are worth and commit to living and demonstrate the value you bring. This will set the foundation to help you build a a successful voiceover career 

Thanks for being here today and I’d love your support, if you enjoyed this episode -please subscribe and share it with anyone you think will benefit. You can also connect with me on Instagram @thehovoiceover

I look forward to have you join me on our next episode where we’ll take a deeper dive and talk about why starting a voiceover career may not be for you. Until then, sending you courage and ease in navigating your life and Voiceover Journey

Photo by: Wonderful Drinks


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