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Here is a list of various vetted voiceover resources and more at your finger tips.

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Ready to get your demo done?  Below you can download the list for free which have been vetted and vouched for by a sleuth of various voice talents.

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Whether you’re new to voiceover, seeking a last minute vo coach to help you slay your big audition, or in need of some vo business advice, below you’ll find a downloadable list of popular voiceover coaches I have had first-hand experiences with, or have heard wonderful things from other vo talents.

It’s vetted down to names you’ll most likely have heard or will come across at some point in your VO career, so that you don’t have to go scouring the internet and various sources to find who is reputable. All coaches here will provide guidance and invaluable training/experience.

You’ll find it categorized into 4 categories.

  • VO Business Coach
  • Dialect Coach
  • VO Commercial Coach
  • VO Animation/Character/ Video Game Coach


Note that some coaches within the commercial category also does animation/ character/ video game coaching and vice versa.  Coaching fees ranges and some coaches may be harder to book, especially for last minute audition coaching.  *For anyone new to voiceover, you may be want to try a workshop or attend a webinar first that someone you are interested in getting coached with one-on-one runs/ hosts before committing to a few sessions.

** Train with more than one person. In my opinion, it’s good to work with different people as you progress in the VO industry. You get a feel of how to take direction in different ways and you get to learn the business from different angles. At the end of the day make, take the vo wisbits and tools you need and apply it in your craft.

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Narrators Roadmap – an amazing and extensive resource site if you are interested in getting into audio books / narration recording.

eBOSS Canada Website –  has a directory of agents and it’s broken down to agency that represents voice. 
Voice Actor Website – has a database of agents their contact details including emails and site address
Backstage Resources – has an entertainment directory where you can filter to find casting agents, managers, voice schools. I personally would start off with the voice actor website as it’s a bit less overwhelming and the email addresses are already listed on the site.  
VO Agent Alliance – see which agencies practices and promotes transparency, fairness and excellence.

GVAA – Global Voice Acting Academy (US focused non-union rate guide). Sheppard Agency created a rate card based off of the GVAA rates to help simplify trying to figure out the rates 

Gravy for the Brain – (non-union) and has an outside of the US focus. You’ll find a rate guide and calculators to help you figure out how long it’ll take to read or record a script so you can quote your project accordingly. In addition, it’s a site that provides various  detailed topics about VO and offers courses and webinars.

Coalition of Dubbing Actors – Dubbing industry standards

EdgeStudio rate to time calculator

If you have sizeable incoming project and need help with rate consult/ negotiation on a contract, Ta-Da agency offers this and you don’t have to be on their roster to access this service.  

Voice Acting Club – Consider using this for Indie /Smaller projects

SAG-AFTRA – Union work has a voiceover page with various genre rates listed here.

Looking to practice more using sample voiceover scripts? See below!

Voice Actor Websites – has a database of a scripts in a plethora of genres.
Edge Studio – has a library of sample scripts 
Voices – sample scripts – A great site to browse TV ads, listen and transcribe something you like to practice reading.
FAQ – Is it ok to use the scripts for my demo?  Tread on the safe side and change the company name or some part of the copy. 
There are many opinions re: online casting and P2P sites that one can write a novel about. So do your own research and decide based on your interest, values, budget, etc. which (if any) you want to sign up. The ones listed below are the more “mainstream” ones.
What you need to know: It’s not the most lucrative and popular way of finding work. If you’re solely using this to build a successful voiceover career it will take a lot of patience and you may get burned out. Remember to diversify your way of finding work. Most seasoned voiceover artist may keep one or two profiles up on these sites but are not actively on these. They merely have it as another avenue they can tap into if they are experiencing a slow period. 
Don’t pay full price. They often have promos to sign up 1-2 times a year. Usually during Black Friday and late spring/early summer. 

ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange – audiobooks (Amazon’s Audible Production site)

AHAB – Mostly Audiobooks

Backstage – Various Genres

Bodalgo – Various Genres (based in Europe) 

Cast Voices – Various Genres

Findaway Voices – Audiobooks

Mandy – Various Genres – Various Genres

Voice123 – Various Genres

Ever wonder how to pronounce a word? Check out

This site has multiple languages available to access the pronunciation and sound clips contributed by real people where you can search and learn how to pronounce words in various native language tongues.

As I am a travel fanatic, and like to be on the go, I’ve started a list of studios around the world. If you have a studio or know of any of studio in your local area that’s not listed here, please let me know (theresahovo (at)  and I’d be happy to add it to the list.  To view the list Click Here.

Voiceover Studio Finder – If you’re going on holiday, in the US or UK, check this site out that mainly has studio listings in the US and UK.

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