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Finding your Voice is a Privilege


Conveying the intended voice confidently in a script… even more so

Finding your Voice is a Privilege

Conveying the intended voice confidently in a script… even more so

It wasn’t always the case for me.

Growing up in Canada and the daughter of Asian parents, I was taught that good girls don´t speak up. 

  • You shouldn’t talk back to your parents
  • Children should be seen and not heard
  • Don´t show your emotions


Is it any wonder I never felt like my voice or opinions were worth listening to?

All through my formative years, I found it difficult to express my thoughts. It was so hard for me to voice my ideas, or even speak without fear of rocking the boat… especially if I thought speaking up might cause conflict.

But fast forward to today, and I have truly transformed.

Enter: The Art of the Voiceover

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You’ll be surprised at how much hiding behind a microphone and bringing other people’s messages to life has taught me to listen to, find and finally use my own voice.                                                       

Whether the objective was to educate the audience, excite them or intrigue them… the more authenticity I brought to reading a script, the louder my inner thoughts became, and the more connected I then became to expressing my own thoughts out loud to the world.

Now, I didn’t turn into a brash, loud, say-everything-without-a-filter kinda gal. Quite the opposite.

I learned to speak up about what I believe in, and let go of the ideas that aren’t so relevant. And more importantly, to express the thoughts that are difficult to say out loud, in exchange for much needed peace of mind.

So that’s who I am. Now let’s get into how you and I can work together!

I’m here to serve you in any possible way. For example….

1. Company or Agency

You’re a company or agency in need of a talented voiceover artist who brings substance and authenticity that in turn brings your script to life.

To you –  I bring a consistency in voice, unfiltered-realness, a high-quality recording and an efficient and quick turnaround for your project.

If you are on a search for a voiceover artist, Click Here for my voiceover demos. Get in Touch!                                             

2. Curious about Voiceover   

Interested in becoming a voiceover artist? Not sure where to get started? Start Here!

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Start the right way! I’ll show you how to avoid all those beginner pitfalls. The real-deal about the work, what equipment to invest in and what not to bother with. I will share with you why rejection is okay. And ultimately? You’ll finally have permission to explore what makes you feel alive.

Wouldn’t that be something?! 

I want to support you in figuring out if voiceover is right for you without breaking your bank.  

As you browse around this site, always remember:  Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. And add what is uniquely yours.  – Bruce Lee


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