6 Things to Say Yes to in Voiceover to Build a Successful Voiceover Career

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On this site, we’ve looked at the things you should say no to in voiceover, so it’s natural to for us to look at what are some things you should say yes to, to build a successful voiceover career.

Without further ado, let’s get to it! 

Here are the 6 things to Say Yes to…

When you begin anything new, it’s easy to fall into the imposter syndrome and feel like you need to prove your worth.

Here’s the thing. You may just be starting out. However, if you are consistently investing in yourself, up- leveling your skills, have booked your first well-paid gig, and is committed to producing quality work,


You are a voiceover artist!

Start SAYing YES to yourself and give yourself the permission to charge industry standard rates. After all, your rate encapsulates your studio equipment, training, skills and time.

If you are able to demonstrate your professionalism and talent, deliver what your client needs and show your value, do you think your clients care if you are a newbie vs. someone who has been in the industry for 20+ years?

I’ll bet most probably won’t care. Think about it.

Whenever you have needed to hire someone to help solve a problem, do you care how long they’ve been working in the industry? For most things, I’ll bet No, so long as you have a good vibe about them, they’re good at doing what they do, and have demonstrated they can help you get what you need done efficiently and effectively.

What’s more? You are more than willing to pay them accordingly based on industry standard rates.

So instead of falling into the outdated paradigm that you should be paid less when you’re just starting out, I’d like you to consider doing your own research…. 

  1. Learn what is the industry spectrum standard rates for the type of work you are doing.
  2. Decide how much you value your time, your worth, and what your price is to take on a job.
  3. Charge what you feel comfortable with and what you believe is a fair price.


Don’t shortchange yourself.

Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to validate your worth. You validate it yourself.

Those who you’re meant to work with will honor this and pay.

Many people often feel they have to work hard every day because they feel guilty for taking a break. After all, society perceives taking a break as being ‘lazy’. 

Research has shown it’s actually healthy for us to take a break.  In fact, we are encouraged to play because it helps relieve stress and can positively impact our physical and mental health.  In addition, it can stimulate our creativity and make us more productive.

So next time you feel guilty about spending a day doing nothing. Or, get worried about taking a vacation or a lunch break, Don’t. 

You deserve it.  We all need time to recharge and relax. 

It’s for the betterment of our well-being. Your health is your wealth.  Without it, you can’t do anything.

Even when you have done all you can to prepare and plan for something, you can’t always anticipate everything that is going to happen. 

Have faith that you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way.  

Your mistake is just a ‘Miss’ Take. Learn from the experience and move on.  If required, ask for help.

We all need help from time to time, even though we think we can figure everything out by ourselves, or perhaps you may think it’s a bother to others. Whatever the case may be, instead of doing it all on your own, don’t be afraid to ask. 

As Steve Job once said “This is what separates sometimes the people who do things and people who dream about them.” 

You gotta find the Who that can help you figure out the How to your ‘mistake’ so you can continue to grow and deliver your great voice for your clients, instead of dwelling on it which stymies your ability to do your job.

It is perfectly fine to be imperfect. The idea of being perfect is an unrealistic ideal and, is a tall order for anybody. 

When you say yes to being imperfect, it will save you a lot of anxiety and unnecessary time and energy wasted worrying about what others think.

Voiceover is Making your Weird Light Shine Bright so you Stand Out.

So the best thing you can do is be you and embrace your ‘flawsomeness’ while maintaining your professionalism.  Your quirks and flaws are what gives you character and makes you stand out from the rest. Your uniqueness may just be what someone is looking for.

Do things that make you feel good.


Choose to do projects you want to do. I know… I know… as much as I harp on knowing your value and saying no to low ball offer, it’s equally important to take the time to consider various factors that are applicable to you and your values.

Know what stirs your heart and what is important to you. Take time to get clear and define these for you.

When an opportunity presents itself, what criteria does it need to meet.  What are your non-negotiables?

This will help you determine what you are willing to give and invest your time, energy and money in.

For example, a social cause that is dear to my heart is mental health. So, if there’s an opportunity to help a non- profit to voice their PSA announcement I’d be happy to lend my voice for a good cause.

In addition, I’d much rather say yes to work on a project and people that I’m drawn to that are a great fit with my values, than to a project that’s soul sucking but has an attractive pay.

You can survive without a community but you cannot thrive without one.- Dan Sullivan

There are so many benefits to connecting with others.

As a voiceover artist, it’s easy to find yourself in your booth talking to yourself in your home studios for long periods of time.

At times, it can feel alienating. Especially those days when you’re experiencing a lull in bookings or in life. Having a trusted ear and someone you can confide and dialogue with will help you to keep focus and keep going when the times get tough.

Another benefit is by simply observing and engaging with others and environments that are outside of your usual norm is a great way to hone your voice acting skills.

Getting out there and socializing, seeing how people interact in different situations can help you visualize and deliver reads from different perspectives.

Furthermore, if you’re new and starting out – connect with other creatives.

Make friends with people who also want to make things from different areas of the Art world. From other VO actors, writers, directors, animators, musicians, start your own projects and together create something that excites you. HITRecord is a friendly and fantastic place to get involved in various projects at your leisure while practicing your craft.

The best part? The connections you‘ve made the projects you’ve created can soon serve as work you’ve completed to showcase to people when an opportunity presents itself! And who knows, who will start noticing and where this will lead.

So, what are you waiting for? Start to say yes to doing these 6 things. You will be amazed how much more fun you’ll have along the way in building your voiceover career and in navigating your life.

Your energy will begin to shift as you become more connected to who you are, attracting the right people in your life and creating the things you love and the life you want.

Photo by: Jon Tyson

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