30 Instagram Post Ideas for Voice Over You Can Steal Right Now


Do you ever feel stuck coming up with content ideas for your social media?

As a voice over artist, one of the most challenging components aside from training and preparing yourself to meet an opportunity is putting your sign up to let people know you’re open for business and being able to get clients.

Along with direct marketing, it’s important to have a social media presence. To what extent can be debated. But like it or not, it’s here to stay and it’s now a significant part of the way we communicate, stay up to date with new ideas and trends. For those who own their own business, it’s a terrific way to build, shape and enhance your brand while staying connected with existing and potential clients.

As there an array of platforms available, stick with one or two you feel most comfortable with. Or, choose to create a presence on platform(s) you believe is aligned with your goals and can help you leverage and optimize what you’re trying to achieve.

Remember, when it comes to having a social media presence it’s about providing relevant and valuable content. It’s the quality not the quantity you should focus on. You decide what you’re going to post and how much time you are willing to consistently show up, deliver content and spend time on creating presence on the platforms.  Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to take a break, watch and analyze what others are doing. Often, you’ll be inspired, and it will give you a fresh perspective on content creation.

For those struggling to come up with content ideas for your voiceover business, here are 30 content ideas that you can use now to help grab attention of potential clients and followers when you’re feeling stuck for ideas! The list is in no particular order and feel free to mix them up or add your own spin.

  1. Share a story about your voice over journey
  2. Share your favorite piece of advice for voice over
  3. Share a DIY recording studio set up
  4. Share what your home recording studio look like
  5. Share your favorite studios to record in your city
  6. Share your top 3 favorite content creation apps
  7. Share a client testimonial from last month
  8. Share a tip for a new voice over artist
  9. Share 2 fun facts about you
  10. Showcase a day in the life as a voice over artist
  11. This or that questions for voice over equipment
  12. Collaborate on a reel with another artist
  13. Share an inspirational quote
  14. Let your audience ask you a voice over question
  15. Do a giveaway (voice over accessories, free consult) Get Creative!
  16. Share your favorite demo
  17. Are any ‘special’ days during the month where you can tailor your content to fit the day. i.e. Mother’s day, you can share a Mother’s Day message
  18. Make a poll to vote on a favorite demo
  19. Share your favorite voice over workshop
  20. Share a funny story that happened recently
  21. Share a day in the life of YOU!
  22. Go live to answer voice over questions
  23. Share a voice over meme
  24. Share a voice over challenge
  25. Share your productivity tools
  26. Share a project you’re proud of
  27. Share your favorite microphone to use for recording
  28. Showcase your favorite sties to find voice over work
  29. Show behind the scenes of a recording
  30. Create a reel with your voice over audio


Over to you. Which content idea are you going to use? And what is your favorite social media platform.


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