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Meet Theresa Ho

Aside from being a Feisty Free-spirited, 80s music lovin’, duo-lingo, spiritual seekin’, travel junkie, sent to zap the complacency outta you, I’m here to spark the light within you through the Art of Voiceover. You see, I love bringing scripts to life with my voice and I love personal development. Hence, This HO (as my friends endearingly call me… has been known to be  on the loose) – Telling those who are yearning to feel alive again to stop Frontin’ and start Confrontin’ those pesky demons holding you back in exploring and discovering your Ikigai – Your Reason for Being! 
Why? Because when you find that intersection of doing what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at, and what you can be paid for is the most AMAZING FEELING ever!  Give yourself the permission to embrace your curiosity and freedom lovin’ nature and explore and try new things.  Even if it takes you nearly a decade to find your ikigai… I promise when you do it’s Life-Changing. Get Ready. Here’s my story….
Theresa Ho in Studio

What They Are Saying

“A tingle, a shiver, a giggle, a gasp, a flutter, a shudder it’s what we all ask! SHE delivers each moment with such grace and smart style, but what keeps us addicted is that glorious smile! A tongue that tickles, add Heroic heart and mouth’s agape, witness miraculous ART. We wonder in Awe, at the mercurial Magic and for those who don’t know her, that’s truly Tragic!. She brings her A-game, is top in her class, this mighty warrioress no one can surpass. A talent, a marvel, a consummate PRO…you gotta have her, THERESA HO!!! “

– Elley Ray

“Theresa was professional and easy to work with. She was responsive to feedback and prompt with delivery. She acknowledged and was highly conscientious of quick turn-around times and was accommodating as. We would work with her again and would recommend her to others!”

– Asa Kazerani  

“We were looking for voices that can represent our diverse firm both in terms of gender and geography and came across Theresa’s profile.

She was fantastic in providing a quick quote, turnaround and clean audio for an internal voiceover advert we had for Email Rights Management.

– Steve Smart

“Theresa Ho puts on a fantastic performance! She is able to project her voice to emphasis points, is coherent, and engages the listener for eLearning projects. Behind the scene, she always ensures her clients are happy with her work, and strives to exceed expectations. She engages clients to analyze the vision and executes that vision. Her unmatched work ethic focuses on speed, desire to help clients with openness to ensure seamless process while delivering top quality work.” 

– Shokur Fahd

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